Home General News XFL Naming FOX Bet as Its Latest Official Gaming Partner

XFL Naming FOX Bet as Its Latest Official Gaming Partner

XFL Naming FOX Bet as Its Latest Official Gaming Partner
FOX bet becomes official gaming partner or XFL

XFL is another professional American football league. The XFL league established back in 2018 is owned by Alpha Entertainment whose current owner, CEO and chairman is Vince McMahon better known as a professional wrestling promoter, businessman and American football executive. The XFL professional football league is based in Stamford, the state of Connecticut.

It is worth mentioning that today’s XFL league is actually the successor to the extremely popular original XFL that was controlled and managed by the WWE formerly known as the WWF or World Wrestling Federation and NBC. The original XFL run for just one season back in 2001 before it was shut down despite being very popular among fans of such sporting activities.

When it comes to the XFL league today operated and owned by Alpha Entertainment, it follows a structure which is very similar to the original 2001 XFL with eight competing teams which come from all over the United States that are currently or just recently represented by an NFL or National Football League’s franchise. The XFL league’s teams have ten games per season while there are also two postseasons in the spring and winter months.

Loads of Special Gaming Options with FOX Bet

Unlike the original XFL league, the reformed XFL operated by Alpha Entertainment does not rely on wrestling and entertainment-inspired features, but instead, the reformed XFL aims to create a special league with simpler and faster play when compared to the National Football League and with fewer on and off-field controversies. At the same time, the reformed XFL shares its trademark and name with the original incarnation.

When it comes to the XFL league’s most recent business successes, one of them is definitely partnering with FOX Bet which is today the XFL’s fully authorized official gaming partner. Hence, this extremely popular, prominent mobile sports betting operator will promote the XFL league as well as offer loads of XFL betting markets to all of their customers.

This news came shortly after the XFL’s season kicked off, which means that the business partnership starts just in time for loads of sports betting services and activities related to the league. As part of this fruitful business partnership between the mobile sports betting operator and the professional American football league, FOX Bet will offer a unique, innovative FOX Sports Super Six game every week throughout the XFL regular season.

It was also revealed that FOX Bet will also offer such games throughout the Championship and postseason game. The regular XFL season starts on the 8th of February and it continues through the 12th of April. There will be Sports Super Six game for the XFL post-season which starts on the 18th of April as well as one for the XFL Championship game which is scheduled for the 26th of April. The mobile sports betting operator revealed that the Sports Super Six game is a free-to-play game providing guaranteed cash winnings.

FOX Bet Made it Big in the United States

Commenting on the news, CEO for FOX Bet Robin Chhabra said that his company is extremely thrilled to be named the XFL authorized official gaming operator as the league is something different and unique on the scene in American. As a part of this business deal, FOX Bet will be granted access to the XFL official data feed and the operator will be allowed to use the XFL league’s logos, coaches and player likeness, as well as a variety of other extra content within its sports, betting app.

Before striking this deal, the sports betting operator also became the Philadelphia 76ers official partner back in November. All in all, FOX Bet of The Stars Group is becoming one of the most serious, most reputable sports betting brands in the USA. Today, the brand operates ion New Jersey and Pennsylvania while it will expand into other legalized markets.

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