Home Casino News Macau Casino Operators Expecting Satisfactory Financial Results for the Previous Six Months

Macau Casino Operators Expecting Satisfactory Financial Results for the Previous Six Months

Macau Casino Operators Expecting Satisfactory Financial Results for the Previous Six Months
Macau casinos had a successful year

Macau-based casino operators as one of the most popular destinations for gambling have experienced some financial issues in the previous period with increased financial losses. However, some Macau operators have revealed that they are expecting rather satisfactory financial results for the previous six months as reported by the Success Dragon International Holdings Limited company which is a consolidated provider of gaming solutions and financial insights.

As reported by the company’s officials including its expert advisors and investors, the Macau-based casino operators can expect their loss for the previous six months to decrease significantly when compared to the same period last year. The Hong Kong-based company used its official press release to share that the Macau industry had recorded a combined deficit of around $1.73 for the six-month period last year.

After taking a look into today’s financial results, the industry’s leader of the area can anticipate that this rather massive shortfall will improve in this year’s six-month period mainly due to a massive decrease in depreciation expenses in addition to significantly improved generated revenues. This is definitely the long-anticipated news for Macau casino companies.

Advanced Monitoring and Equipment Systems

Success Dragon International Holdings Limited is specialized in helping Macau-based casino companies to maximize their returns from their gaming portfolios using the company’s advanced monitoring and equipment systems. The firm currently serves several casinos within this area including the Grandview Hotel Macau and the Casa Real Hotel.

As revealed by the company’s latest official press release, it believes that it can also supply a series of establishments with a great assortment of managerial services including more staff who will be responsible for overseeing its operations. Besides, the company also shared another shorter press release in which it revealed its financial predictions for the Macau establishments based on its preliminary review that includes half-year of consolidated accounts. The information included in this press as based on the company’s preliminary assessment is not disclosed yet.

Satisfactory Results for Emperor Entertainment Hotel Limited

The casino operator responsible for the Grand Emperor Hotel, the Emperor Entertainment Hotel Limited company has released its financial results for a period of six months which have shown that the company’s generated revenues had increased by almost two percent to reach $86.6 million.

The Hong Kong-based company is responsible for the two hundred and seventy-seven-room hotel and casino resort in Macau, Inn Hotel Macau. In the company’s official press release, it was detailed that its generated six-month profit had significantly grown by almost thirty-eight percent to hit around $22.6 million. When it comes to the company’s second venue, the Emperor Palace Casino located within its Gran Emperor Hotel, it had also accumulated significantly increased gaming revenues which hit around $48.3 million.

This is a massive twenty-two percent increase when compared to the same period last year. At the same time, the company responsible for the venues also stated that its casino packed with one hundred and eighty slot machines and sixty-seven gaming tables had experienced a massive twenty-six percent decline in its VIP takings to hit around $20.4 million. At the same time, the facility’s accumulated non-gaming profit declined to hit slightly over $15 million. When it comes to the company’s’ future, its officials hope to experience a great rise in the number of visitors from China thanks to expanding its transportation network and other amenities.

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