Home General News MGM Facing Lawsuit Over Alleged Discrimination and Unlawful Termination

MGM Facing Lawsuit Over Alleged Discrimination and Unlawful Termination

MGM Facing Lawsuit Over Alleged Discrimination and Unlawful Termination
MGM Facing Lawsuit Over Alleged Discrimination and Unlawful Termination

Paul Ross who used to for MGM Grand Detroit located in Michigan for twenty years decided to sue MGM over alleged discrimination and unlawful termination. MGM Grand Detroit is one of several MGM International Resort properties. Paul Ross was employed as a slot supervisor at the age of twenty-nine. Later on, he has managed to work his way up the business ladder and became an assistant manager.

This forty-nine-year-old was satisfied with his job as he was able to live comfortable and secure with his work done at the casino. Everything was fine and Paul had done a great job here. However, everything changed several months ago in February when the casino management decided to let Paul go. Naturally, his world was suddenly turned upside down and Paul strongly believes that his sudden dismissal was completely unlawful.

Seeking Injunctive Relief and Damages

Hence, he decided to sue MGM Resorts over discrimination and unlawful termination. Shortly after his work contract was dismissed, Ross went to the United States District Court Eastern District in Michigan where he filed a lawsuit against his former employer. In his lawsuit, Paul is seeking injunctive relief and damages over his alleged unlawful dismissal which according to both state and federal laws should have been completely prohibited.

Paul is an African-American and he believes that his color, age or even both played an important role in his allegedly unlawful dismissal. In his lawsuit, Paul also added that his unlawful dismissal could have been fueled by his previously expressed complaints that he lodged against his former employer several years before his ultimate dismissal. Paul had complained about his now-former employer ten years ago over not being given additional free days so that he can take care of his sick daughter who was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis.

At the time, Paul argued that MGM Resorts’ female employers have been given additional free days for no particular reason while the FMLA or Family Medical Leave Act decided that the same courtesy should not be given to Paul who has a serious reason behind his request. At the time, Paul believed that this was a major violation of the Civil Rights Act Title VII from 1964 that specifically prohibits any kind of employment discrimination based on national origin, gender, religion, color and race which Paul believes happened to him.

Claims of Employment Discrimination

In his lawsuit filed against his former employer, Paul Ross also highlighted another incident which happened back in 2015 which also substantiate his alleged discrimination claims. At the time, Paul was forced to escort one gambler out of MGM Grand Detroit for his inappropriate behavior as requested by the casino’s security personnel. As he was doing his job, Ross was attacked and ultimately punched in the face by the gambler he supposed to escort from the casino.

Paul was rushed to the hospital where he required several stitches. Naturally, he was out of work for several days. Despite the fact that this particular incident was fully work-related, Paul was not able to contact any of the compensation personnel working at MGM Resorts for almost three months after he returned to work. Once he finally managed to get in touch with them, he was threatened. Paul was told that his work contract would be terminated unless he applied for absence leave for those missed days during which he was recovering from an injury sustained while working. The casino’s legal team also informed him that he was not entitled to any kind of workers’ compensation as he went to a local hospital instead of an urgent facility chosen by his former employer. In addition to these examples, Ross also mentioned several other incidents in his lawsuit which MGM is facing right now.

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