Nagasaki Prefecture Progressing with Its Fully Integrated Casino Resort Plan

Nagasaki Prefecture Progressing with Its Fully Integrated Casino Resort Plan
Nagasaki Prefecture Progressing with Its Fully Integrated Casino Resort Plan

Nagasaki Prefecture located on Kyushu island is home to almost 1.4 million people as estimated in June of 2019. This Japanese prefecture consists of twenty-one municipalities and four districts with Nagasaki as its capital city. The prefecture borders the East China Sea, the Tsushima Straits, Ariake Bay, and Saga Prefecture. As of 2014, the prefecture’s total land area was re-designed as Natural Parks including the Unzen-Amakusa and Saikai National Parks.

Needless to say, Nagasaki Prefecture is a hot hub for tourists with loads of different tourist attractions located within its borders including Hiraido Castle, Sakikata Park, Mount Inasa, Suwa Shrine, Nagasaki Shinchi Chinatown, Urakami Cathedral, Glover Garden, Mount Unzen, Shimabara Castle and more. After many roadblocks and challenges, the prefecture’s government has announced that it still intends to bring a fully integrated casino resort to the area and consequently attract even more tourists.

Nagasaki Prefecture’s Planned Casino Resort

As reported several months ago by local news outlets, Nagasaki Prefecture has submitted its official plan for a planned fully integrated casino resort to the Japanese government in Tokyo which will eventually decide which three prefectures in Japan will be granted necessary licensing to bring such casino resorts to their areas. The race for a trio of casino resort licensing has been going on for some time now and the competition for Nagasaki Prefecture and others is rather stiff.

According to the latest reports from local Japanese news outlets, the Nagasaki Prefecture’s government still intends to have its RFP or request for proposal completed by the end of this year despite recent obstacles mainly related to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Either way, Nagasaki Prefecture hopes to secure one of the Japanese trio of fully integrated casino resort necessary licenses to start working on its already devised plan.

One report from GGRAsia released several days ago also stated that the southern Japanese jurisdictions revealed that it intends to start the request for proposal plan of its business strategy this summer while it intends to finish the entire process as well as select a preferred casino operator to construct and operate its envisioned fully integrated casino resort sometime in the winter.

Bold Plans and Coronavirus Damage

Nagasaki Prefecture that is home to almost 1.4 million citizens has definitely made some bold claims regarding its envisioned fully integrated casino resort even though many of its major competitors and bidders have both halted and slowed their business strategies and selection processes due to the negative impacts and consequences of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

As reported by the GGRAsia news outlet, Osaka Prefecture’s officials just recently revealed that the coronavirus pandemic negative consequences had delayed the prefecture’s plans for its envisioned fully integrated casino resort by around two years. Nonetheless, Nagasaki Prefecture does not intend to slow down or halt its business strategy and selection processes related to being granted necessary licensing to host one of the nation’s three or fully integrated casino resorts.

All in all, the Japanese prefecture hopes to be granted the right to construct and operate a Las Vegas-style casino resort which is planned for a seventy-four-acre site located near the Huis Ten Bosch park close to the city of Sasebo. Naturally, the prefecture’s plan has generated interest from many international casino operators such as Casinos Austria International. However, Nagasaki Prefecture has to face tough competition from seven other prefectures including Kawasaki, Osaka, and Yokohama.

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