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NBPA and NBA Partnering with Highlight Games Limited

NBPA and NBA Partnering with Highlight Games Limited
NBPA and NBA Partnering with Highlight Games Limited

The National Basketball Association or for short the NBA has recently announced that the association is planning on launching its virtual sportsbetting title in the near future alongside Highlight Games Limited.  Highlight Games Limited is one of the most prominent British sports games manufacturers in the industry with an impeccable reputation. This partnership deal was announced in an official press release.

Here, the organizer of the most elite men’s basketball league announced that its upcoming NBA Last 90 will include real game footage as well as exciting game highlights. The press release also detailed that NBA Last 90 has the blessing of the NBPA or National Basketball Players Association. All in all, this is one of those groundbreaking partnership deals which can surely add more fun and thrill to virtual sportsbetting across multiple sportsbetting operators in the industry.

NBA Last 90 Offered to All Licensed Sportsbetting Operators

With its upcoming NBA Last 90, the biggest basketball association is entering the world of sportsbetting in a grandiose way. With this virtual sports game, all basketball fans will be able to place real money wagers on all sorts of props. The game itself will be active soon to cover the 2019-2020 season.

Moreover, with NBA Last 90, interested players will be able to wager real money on all sorts of outcomes such as which team win, who scores the most points, total points scored by both teams and other during the last ninety seconds of simulated games between two teams. The game will also include footage and highlights of actual NBA matches which played in previous sessions.

In addition to its most recent partnership deal with Highlight Games Limited, the NBA has also struck several other deals such as its partnership deal with popular MGM Resorts which made MGM, the association’s official partner in the gaming industry. In other words, the NBA has been very proactive in recent times when it comes to the virtual sportsbetting industry.

As expected, NBA Last 90 will allow all fans of the NBA to be more engaged with NBA sporting actions simply because they will be financially invested in the NBA action. When it comes to the latest partnership between Highlight Games Limited and NBA, it will allow fans of virtual sportsbetting to place real money wagers on basketball simulated games.

NBA Last 90 Premiering in Europe

It should be noted that NBA Last 90 is set to debut in Europe first while it will probably enter the United States following year. The game will be distributed to only fully licensed and regulated gaming operators. Hence, fans of virtual sportsbetting can expect to see NBA Last 90 across all sorts of gaming channels including mobile applications, online gaming platforms as well as multiple retail locations.

It also should be noted that NBA Last 90 is very similar to another product offered by the Pennsylvania Lottery named the Xpress Sports. This product allows fans of football and several other sports to watch virtual teams as they play and place real money wagers among sixteen different outcomes. Wagers offered usually range from only $1 up to $20 while random number generators as in other games of this kind determine the outcomes.

The Xpress Sports Products platform including Xpress Football and Xpress Car Racing in which twelve cards race in simulated races including two laps. As expected, players predict which one will finish the race as first-placed, second-placed and third-placed. When it comes to NBA Last 90, it will be also powered by RNGs and it will also offer a great variety of outcomes o wager on.

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