Home General News Rutter’s Convenience Chain Granted Permission to Operate Video Gaming Terminals

Rutter’s Convenience Chain Granted Permission to Operate Video Gaming Terminals

Rutter's Convenience Chain Granted Permission to Operate Video Gaming Terminals
Rutter's convenience stores in PA will now be able to offer a variety of video terminals.

As of recently, the major Pennsylvania gaming regulator has finally awarded permission to a Juanita County franchise of the popular Rutter’s convenience stores to offer video gaming terminals. With this newly granted permission, the convenience stores can offer up to five video gaming terminals in several locations. This means that the Rutter’s convenience store is the very first of this kind to be granted a slot license.

According to the Associated Press report announced on Saturday, the state’s Gaming Control Board decided to award this gaming license on Wednesday and at the moment, the Gaming Control Board is in the process of accessing other similar applications it received from nineteen other Rutter’s outlet stores which are located throughout the eastern state.

Going Strong Since 1747

Rutter’s is one of the most chain of stores and gas stations with seventy-two locations in Maryland, West Virginia, and Central Pennsylvania. The company opened its doors for the first time in 1747 offering all sorts of agricultural operations. Back in 1921, the company decided to start its dairy company. The very first company’s Farm Stores started operating in 1968. Just recently, this long-standing company decided to change its name to simply Rutter’s while it was previously called Rutter’s Farm Stores.

It is worth mentioning that Rutter’s opened the very first located outside of Central Pennsylvania on the 30th of May in West Virginia. Then, on the 15th of January, the company also opened its very first Maryland-based store. In addition to operating convenience stores and gas stations, Rutter’s also operates several fast food restaurants and beer sales in several different locations in Central Pennsylvania by its Rutter’s Beverage Company.

The State’s Major Gaming Regulator

When it comes to the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board, this state’s major gaming regulator was formed back in 2004. This is a government agency of Pennsylvania which is the main state regulatory and licensing agency responsible for all sorts of casino and gambling activities happening within the state’s borders. The Gaming Control Board of Pennsylvania is also the very first newly established agency of this kind in the state in over thirty years.

It should be noted that the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board administers both the Gaming Act known as Act 17and the Race Horse Development and all related regulations in order to ensure public confidence and trust in the integrity and credibility of gambling facilities within the state. Moreover, the Gaming Control Board is also focused on fulfilling the major objectives of the Commonwealth in order to deliver greater revenue sources, assist the industry as well as provide more broader financial opportunities.

When it comes to the latest gaming license granted by the Gaming Control Board, under its legislation which is signed into law in October 2017, the coming video slot machines will only accept real money wagers up to $5. The law also regulates the maximum cash prizes which cannot exceed $1,000. Moreover, all sorts of video gaming terminals including slot-like titles are required to fully utilize RNGs technologies in order to ensure a minimum of 85% RTP rate.

In the latest Associated Press report, the newly licensed chain Rutter’s is located at the junction of the Pennsylvania Route 75 and William Penn Highway which is extremely close to US Route 322. This area in specific serves as a very popular destination for video gaming terminals of various kinds simply because truck drivers commonly stop here looking for food and fuel. Hence, Rutter’s video gaming terminals will definitely serve good.

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