Home General News State’s Lawmakers Musing Over Massive Gambling Expansion in Illinois

State’s Lawmakers Musing Over Massive Gambling Expansion in Illinois

State's Lawmakers Musing Over Massive Gambling Expansion in Illinois
Illinois lawmakers are gearing up for the biggest gambling expansion thus far

Illinois is finally gearing up for its biggest gambling market expansion in recent years. Following the news, all of the state’s major gambling operators have already started accessing their new opportunities for business growth in the state’s ever-growing gambling market. Moreover, all sorts of Las Vegas machine manufacturers are also looking forward to scooping their piece of cake.

At the beginning of this month, the Illinois Legislature finally passed a gambling reform which allows the addition of six new land-based gambling venues including one new land-based casino located in Chicago. This recently passed gambling reform also regulates sportsbetting activities as well as allow the addition of new slot machines at Chicago Midway International and O’Hare International airports.

Furthermore, the reform also allows the addition of more gambling machines at taverns and bars among other places. However, this new legislation piece has to be signed by the state’s Governor J.B. Pritzker. This will probably happen soon considering the fact that the state’s officials have been very supportive of the possible gambling expansion. In other words, the state’s officials believe that the state’s Governor will sign the legislature.

30,000 Additional Video Gaming and Slot Machines in Illinois

As soon as this piece of legislation is signed by the Governor, the state of Illinois will allow more than 30,000 additional video gaming and slot machines to be placed in a number of land-based gambling facilities, bars, taverns, airports, casinos and other. While many gambling operators working within the state’s border are extremely delighted with the news about this gambling expansion, many industry’s experts believe that not all of these newly available positions for slot machines and video gaming terminals will be actually filled.

Experts also agree that this upcoming Illinois gambling reform is more likely to add between 15,000 up to 20,000 new slot machines and video gaming machines across the state. Following this news, Barry Jones who is the SunTrust analyst said that 30,000 slots and video gaming machines could be added within the state’s facilities only if new land-based casino venues get built. In his official statement, Jones also said that he estimated that these new gaming machines could potentially generate up to $224 million in earning if all newly available positions are filled which according to him is not likely to happen.

All Top Manufacturers Closely Following the Expansion

There is no surprise in the fact that all of the top slot machines and video gaming terminals manufacturers are closely following the state’s most recent gambling reform. Following the news, Derik Mooberry who is the Scientific Games Group Chief Executive and Executive Vice President said that all of the most prominent, Las Vegas-based manufacturers are delighted to see this approved bill active as it provides loads of opportunities for each one of them.

Derik Mooberry in his official statement for Las Vegas Review Journal also said that Scientific Games as one of the leading slot machines and video gaming terminal supplier in the entire state’s market will take part in all Illinois gambling market expansion alongside other top manufacturers. Another company which plans on taking part in all aspects of this upcoming gambling expansion is IGT whose Vice President Paul O’Shaughnessy said that his company sees this latest gambling reform as an amazing opportunity to install their slot machine at the state’s airports and among other crowded facilities.

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