Home General News The ECA’s Yearly Industry Forum to be Held in Cannes

The ECA’s Yearly Industry Forum to be Held in Cannes

The ECA's Yearly Industry Forum to be Held in Cannes
This year's European Casino Association Forum is set to take place in Cannes, France

As recently revealed, the European Casino Association’s major annual Industry Forum will be held in Cannes. This is one of the biggest forums of this kind which every year gathers all prominent representative of the fully licensed land-based casino facilities from all over Europe. The forum will take place in the breathtaking Cannes on the 25th and 26th of June.

More specifically, the ECA’s Industry Forum will be held in the Royal Casino JOA de Mandelieu. Like every other year, this first-class, two-day event gathers industry’s professionals, experts, partners, members and others who gather here to exchange their ideas, views as well as to discuss the most recent trends in the regulated European casino industries.

Representing All Licensed, Land-Based Gambling Facilities Across Europe

The European Casino Association as expected represents all sorts of fully licensed, land-based casino venues located in Europe. Currently, the association has twenty-nine member and over 70,000 employees who all share the same goal and vision, supporting all sorts of local economies related to the industry in Europe. In fact, the main objective and purpose of the European Casino Association is to address as well as promote issues which are related to both legal and illegal casino operations.

By doing so, the association actually provides one of the main focal points on land-based casino matters for all included casino operations as well as for national policy stakeholders and policymakers in the European Union. Moreover, the association also aims to serve as a major network for valuable information which should be used to work and communicate with the European Union institutions on everything related to the casino industry.

Hence, the main European Casino Association’s goal is to collect all sorts of casino administration and casino operations including local and national legislation and regulations which address all casino operations. Another goal is to increase understanding and awareness of the land-based casino industry amongst European Union stakeholders and makers. Lastly, the association aims to constructively and efficiently to contribute to European Union decision making on major issues which affect the entire casino sector.

Keynote Speeches, Seminars and Presentations

All of the European Casino Association’s Industry Forum participating will be able to attend a number of seminars as well as presentations held by high-level industry’s experts and professionals. These seminars and presentations will cover a variety of important themes including the latest industry’s innovations and technological advancements. Moreover, some industry’s experts will give key speeches with the main focus on the role of casino operations and facilities in promoting tourism.

Another important theme which will be covered in these key speeches is the use of technological advancements in modern, land-based casino environments. Furthermore, another key topic will be the major issue related to gambling advertising and related regulations associated with responsible gaming matters. This panel, in particular, will include all of the key stakeholders in the gambling industry including experts on the problem gambling, consultants as well as casino regulators and operators.

They will be able to discuss the amazing need for a concerted, fully responsible regulatory approach related to gambling advertising matters. With this panel, in particular, the European Casino Association want to channel the main demand towards the fully regulated, nationally licenses gambling industry in order to combat all sorts of illegal gambling activities.

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