PokerStars Casino Announces Victory Tribes

PokerStars Casino
Victory Tribes: The new proprietary game by PokerStars Casino

After exclusive games such as Millionaires Island, Stars Mega Spin, Crystal Millions and Matchday Millions, PokerStars Casino announces another in-house game, and according to their recent press release, it’ll provide some major novelty in the casino industry. Furthermore, Victory Tribes which is the title of this new slot will deliver customization access, Bonus tournament battles and Progressive Jackpots. In addition to these compelling perks, added to the gameplay, players can look forward to high-quality graphics which enable overall exhilarating sensation of the game. Basically, it’s an ultimate battle between tribal leaders; a combination hard to say no to and players will now get to enjoy it in full at PokerStars Casino.

Join One of the Four Powerful Tribes

By joining the thrilling Victory Tribes, a promise of customizing the game will be offered in a form of picking a tribe and confronting other tribes’ opponents in a bonus round called Tournament Battles. Moreover, up to 50 players will have an opportunity about five times per hour to participate in this unique bonus round. In order to get extra bonuses, apart from group battles, one on one battles will also be included.

While making the decision about which tribe to join between Kermora The Druid, Craig The Highlander, Bjorg The Viking and Toghon The Mongolian, a chance to progress on a scale with 5 multiplier levels will be provided as well. When it comes to battles, they resemble traditional slot tournaments which are based on getting points by winning and reaching a higher position on the scoreboard. In doing so, higher payouts will be enabled in this one of a kind gaming experience, backed by engaging design and dynamic.

Progressive Jackpots and Special Features

Victory Tribes video slot has three progressive Jackpots; The Super, Extra and Mega. Every one of these gets split to a maximum number of 50 players with Mega Jackpot providing the biggest amount, set above $60,000 as a reward.

During the game, as the players bet, the Battle Meter will gradually fill. When the meter fills up, the conditions to participate in the Bonus Tournament will be completed. As already mentioned, by fulfilling these qualifications, two options will be presented; to challenge an opponent in the head-on-head tournament and play against another gameplay or a group option with 50 players as the highest partaking limit, set every 12 minutes.

Victory Tribes video slot also incorporates common special features such as Free spins and Wild.

The Official Press Release

Bo Wänghammar, Managing Director of PokerStars Casino, in his statement, declared the following: “Victory Tribes is positioned to shake up the online casino industry with community features that are the first of their kind. We pride ourselves on continuing to produce exclusive, market-leading and game-changing slot games.”

With everything said, it’s safe to assume this slot has a great potential to deliver the promise of unique, one of a kind edition, expressed with the help of captivating tribal theme, lucrative Progressive Jackpots and of course, the ability to choose a tribe as well as experience a battlefield in order to win staggering prizes.

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