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Polish Sportsbook by Fortuna Entertainment Going Live on Playtech IMS Platform

Polish Sportsbook by Fortuna Entertainment Going Live on Playtech IMS Platform
The move was described as integral for Fortuna Entertainment's future plans

Just recently, one of the leading names in the world of online casino gaming, London-based Playtech has announced that Fortuna Entertainment Group based in the Netherlands has finally completed the transfer of its Polish sportsbook onto the company’s IMS or Information Management Solution iGaming platform. This news came shortly after the launch of the Playtech-powered Fortbet Holdings Ltd sportsbooks in Slovakia and the Czech Republic alongside several other integrations in Romania and Croatia.

Commenting on the news about the migration of the Fortuna Entertainment Group-powered Polish sportsbook onto the Playtech-powered Information Management Solution platform, Fortuna Entertainment Group’s Chief Executive Office Per Widerstrom said that his company’s business partnership with Playtech will remain integral to the company’s growth and expansion business plans. He also added that this migration will offer all interested Polish customers to enjoy a premium, leading user experience as well as help the company establish its leadership in Eastern and Central Europe.

Fortuna Entertainment Group

As one of the biggest Central European online sports betting operators, Fortuna Entertainment Group has been present in the thriving iGaming industry since 1990. Today, the company is doubtlessly the leading Central European online sports betting operator which brings all sorts of online sports betting activities to all sports fans. The company constantly invests in new innovative and unique products as well as works on expanding its already impressive network of business partners.

Since its inception over thirty years ago, Fortuna Entertainment Group has grown into a massive holding company that today employs over six thousand individuals. Today, Fortuna Entertainment Group operates across five online sports betting markets in Europe including Croatia, Romania, Poland, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic.

When it comes to the company’s latest partnership deal with the United Kingdom-based online casino gaming operator Playtech, this is definitely one of the most important business strategic moves for Fortuna Entertainment Group when it comes to its omni-channel platform and its performance in Central and Eastern Europe. Later this year, the company’s omni-channel will go live in Croatia with Playtech’s Information Management Solution platform and the Fortuna Entertainment Group’s sportsbook fully integrated.

Innovative Business Strategic Moves

The company’s business partnership deal with Playtech is the latest development when it comes to the company’s omni-channel business partnership in Central and Eastern Europe where Fortuna Entertainment Group is present across five markets. The latest country where the company that emerged on the scene over thirty years ago in Poland. Here, the company will manage its player base from a single iGaming platform as well as benefit from a single 360 view of all its players across all included countries.

Thanks to the company’s partnership deal with Playtech, Fortuna Entertainment Group will also benefit from Playtech’s excellent responsible gaming tools alongside taking advantage of its customer engagement center and other great tools. Commenting on this business partnership, Chief Operating Officer for Playtech Shimon Akad said that this is yet another great step taken by Fortuna Entertainment Group which will allow the company to expand as well as enrich its already impressive offering across many new markets.

Since partnering with the UK-based online casino content developer back in August of 2016, Fortuna Entertainment Group has grown rapidly to become one of the leading fully regulated and licensed online gaming and betting operators across five markets where it operates. One of the biggest highlights of this business partnership doubtlessly includes the debuting of its Fortuna Game online casino gaming venue which is accessible to the residents of the Czech Republic.

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