Home Sports Betting News Arizona Cardinals’ Josh Shaw Suspended Indefinitely for Betting on NFL Games

Arizona Cardinals’ Josh Shaw Suspended Indefinitely for Betting on NFL Games

Arizona Cardinals' Josh Shaw Suspended Indefinitely for Betting on NFL Games
Josh Shaw Suspended for Betting on NFL

The National Football League or the NFL has recently reported that one of Arizona Cardinals’ players was suspended indefinitely through this season after he was caught wagering on NFL games. The player is Josh Shaw who was found adjudged of violating the National Football league’s rules on betting and sports wagering.

According to one report released by Forbes several days ago, Josh Shaw signed a contract with Arizona Cardinals worth around $895K in March of this year. However, since he has been suspended, he will be forced to stay on the bench for months at least until February of 2021 which is a long time for any player.

Josh Shaw’s Professional Career

Josh Shaw was born on the 27th of March 1992. He players as an NFL defensive back. Before joining the Arizona Cardinals, Josh used to play college football for the University of Southern California. During his high school days, he used to play as a wide receiver, quarterback and cornerback. As a senior player, he had fifty tackles.

When it comes to his career as a professional player, after coming out of the University of Southern California, Josh Shaw was invited to the National Football League’s combine where he completed all of the mandatory positional and combine drills. Back in March of 2015, Josh Shaw participated at the University of Southern California pro day where he was ranked the eleventh best cornerback.

That same year in May, the Cincinnati Bengals drafted Josh Shaw soon in the fourth round. He signed with the Cincinnati Bengals that same month. Almost three years later, Josh Shaw was drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs where he stayed until November 2018 when he was signed by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers before signing a one-year contract with the Arizona Cardinals in March of 2019.

After joining the Arizona Cardinals, Josh suffered a serious shoulder injury which placed him on the team’s injured reserve bench. Several days ago, on the 29th of November, the National Football League’s Commissioner Roger Goodell decided to suspend Josh Shaw at least through the end of the NFL 2020 season for wagering on NFL games.

Extensive Internal Investigation Conducted

As reported by Forbes, Josh Shaw was penalized after an extensive, internal investigation had determined that Josh Shaw had placed wagers on several professional football games. According to the National Football League’s officials, there is no indication that the twenty-seven-year-old Arizona Cardinals’ player had benefited from any kind of inside info. It was also reported that there is no evidence that any recent NFL games had been compromised in any way.

According to the NFL’s officials, no other NFL player had been implicated in this matter. As of today, Josh Shaw is the fourth National Football League player who has been suspended and penalized for violating the organization’s rules. He is also the first NFL player who has been penalized for violating the organization’s rules since the revocation of one of the PASPA or Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act.

Forbes revealed that the NFL’s Commissioner Roger Goodell decided not to share information about how much money Josh Shaw had wagered on NFL games. Mr. Goodell also decided not to share information on where Josh Shaw had placed his wagers as in his opinion this piece of information is rather irrelevant when compared to the bigger concern related to Josh Shaw’s misconduct.

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