Home Sports Betting News NFL’s Washington Redskins Lobbying for Sports Betting Legalization in Maryland

NFL’s Washington Redskins Lobbying for Sports Betting Legalization in Maryland

NFL's Washington Redskins Lobbying for Sports Betting Legalization in Maryland
Washington Redskins lobbying for Maryland sports betting

The Washington Redskins is a professional football team headquartered in Washington. The team competes in the NFL or National Football League as a part of the East Division of the National Football Conference. The Washington Redskins team plays its home matches at FedExField located in Landover, Maryland while its training facility is situated at Inova Sports Performance Center in Ashburn, Virginia.

Since its inception in 1932, the Washington Redskins team has played over one thousand matches. Moreover, it is one of just five National Football League’s franchises to record over six hundred season and postseason winnings. During the team’s extraordinary performance in the NFL, the Redskins have won five National Football League Championships including three in Super Bowls. Moreover, the Redskins team has also captured fourteen six conferences and fourteen divisional championships.

The Redskins Looking to Redevelop the FedExField in Landover      

As reported recently, the Washington Redskins franchise is hoping to tempt Virginia or Maryland legislators into legalizing sports betting activities mainly as a part of arrangements for the team’s new stadium. As mentioned at the beginning, the team plays its home matches at the FedExField located in the Maryland area of Landover since 1997, but it is now looking for ways to either redevelop this aging stadium or to move to a brand new site located on the side of the Potomac River, the state of Virginia.

According to The Washington Post news outlet, the owner of the Washington Redskins franchise, Dan Snyder has already met with Maryland legislators. At this meeting, he proposed his plan which includes building a brand new stadium on two hundred and fifty acres of land that he owns close to the Redskins’ Prince George’s County property.

The fifty-five-year-old owner of the Redskins has also revealed that he envisioned this facility serving as the hub for a year-around development focusing on entertainment which would feature different practice facilities alongside the franchise’s corporate headquarters, a number of restaurants and hotels.

Dan Snyder Hoping to Bring Legalized Sports Betting to Maryland

Even though the state of Maryland has not legalized sports betting activities, the Washington Post news outlet revealed that Dan Snyder hopes to leverage the possibility of a new stadium for the Redskins in exchange for being legally allowed to open and operate a sportsbook. To spice this proposed business deal, the National Football League side has also agreed to allow minority-owned partners to operate this envisioned sports betting venue.

As reported by the same news outlet, the Washington Redskins’ lobbyist Justin Ross told the Maryland House of Representatives committee that the franchise and the team need a sports betting license so that the Redskins can compete for right way with other sports teams active in this area such as the Washington Nationals of MLB that plays its home matches at National Parks.

This massive 41,300-seat facility is situated in the District of Columbia and it may soon be able to benefit from new legislation by opening its on-site sportsbook. The capital city also plays host to the Washington Capitals which compete in the National Hockey League as well as to DC United which competes in the Major League Soccer. According to the owner of the Washington Redskins franchise, the team’s new stadium with a sportsbook included could definitely reinvigorate the Redskins team which has not enjoyed much success since 1991 when it won Super Bowl XXVI.

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